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Northern Pen Show Chester

This Sunday on the 13th of April The Pen Shop are thrilled to be attending the Northern Pen Show at the Queen Hotel in Chester. After the success of showing at the North East Pen Show for the last two years we are excited to be joining UK Pen Shows Limited at another event.

At the pen show we will be showcasing our new Dex by Kingsley Fountain Pen and Ink Liner pens. If you want to develop good habits so your handwriting shows confidence, or to express creative ideas through a flow of writing, there’s a pen in the Dex by Kingsley range for you. With a range of styles for all ages and a wide range of bright fashion colours, there’s plenty of choice in the Dex range to make your pen, and your handwriting, your own. View our Dex range online Here

UK Pen Shows Limited have been staging friendly, intimate pen shows around the UK for the last seven years and now have a collection of six well respected shows around the country. The shows are recognised as being ideal for first time pen show attendees and new collectors as they are so relaxed and the dealers can take the time to chat with collectors at length.

UK Pen Shows are owned and organised by two friends who share a love of fountain pens. Jeremy Collingridge and Ian Williamson are both members of the Writing Equipment Society having both served the organisation as council members for many years. UK Pen Shows is a labour of love and the aim for each show is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for both visitors and dealers.

Visit for more information on upcoming Pen Show’s.


  1. Dale Arm-Riding

    I’m very very puzzled…….
    Since when has the ‘Northern Pen Show’ (as organised by UK Pen Shows) been held on consecutive weekends in April in two different locations Chester and Lytham?

    Following the link in the above post to UK Penshows web site which makes no mention of Chester

    This link seems to have travelled across the web – please correct it asap

    1. hannah.storey

      Hello Dale,

      The UK Pen Shows website team are currently having some difficulties uploading the new show to their website. The 2013 Northern Pen Show was held in Lytham but the 2014 Northern Pen Show will be held in Chester.



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