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Established in 1883, Waterman continues to assert its personality with its exceptional know-how and spirit of innovation. All Waterman pens continue to reflect unique character and temperament using a variety of materials, colours, and styles. Waterman remains the epitome of individual French elegance. Browse our full range of Waterman fountain pensballpointsrollerballs and engravable pens, ideal for the corporate go-getter.

Here, you’ll find writing instruments made with precious resins, high-tech ceramics and platinum coatings.  Explore our full range of ballpointrollerball and fountain pens and find the right refills too.

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The founder of Waterman was from New York however Waterman is classed as a French brand. Its styling and inspiration is all taken from Parisian elements. 

Our most popular is the Waterman Hemisphere, however, our favourite is the Waterman Carene. Its beautifully unique and elegant design is a hands down winner for us. 

Waterman are a fantastic gifting brand. With collections in most price points there is something for everyone and engrave beautifully. 

Waterman are made alongside Parker in Nantes, France. 


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