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From fountain pens and rollerballs to pen sets and mechanical pencils. Introducing our new arrivals. We offer complimentary gift-wrap on all purchases and many of the executive pens we stock can be engraved with the words of your choice. What will you write today?

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Caring for your fountain pen

How do you fix a broken a nib? We often find the issue is the fountain pen simply needs a good clean, yet customers are often nervous of doing this themselves. Hopefully with our step by step cleaning guide this will make the job seem less daunting.

Personalise your pen

Here at The Pen Shop, we have a huge selection of luxury pens from a range of highly esteemed pen brands. With our pen engraving service, we’ve made it easier for you to personalise your pen and add that extra special touch to a personal gift.

Struggling to read your own handwriting?

A pen crafted with expertise can have a dramatic effect on even the most illegible handwriting. Here we explore the different types of pen that suit the different demands of handwriting.