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Montblanc: Albert Einstein Limited Edition

Montblanc presents its Great Characters Edition 2013: Albert Einstein Limited Edition

The Great Characters Edition 2013 pays homage to Albert Einstein, whose genius redefined the universe. With milestone discoveries like the theory of relativity, Einstein revealed profound truths that gave the scientific community a way of unlocking the previously unknown mysteries of the Universe.

Montblanc’s Tribute to the genius of the world’s most revered scientist

Every Montblanc Limited Edition tells its own individual story. The exclusive writing instruments are designed and created in honour of the great individuals who, through their unique talent and vision, have made an enduring impact on mankind. True to this tradition, Montblancʼs Great Characters Limited Edition brings to life the extraordinary genius of Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

Redefining the physical Universe

Only a genius could have done what Einstein did in 1905 – he fundamentally changed the understanding of physics in this “miracle year” in which he published four different theories in quick succession. Einstein was awarded 1921 with the Nobel Prize not for his theory of relativity but for his discovery of the photoelectric effect – a theory that provided the groundwork for many important technologies we take for granted in modern life.

The special theory of relativity shook the scientific world to its core by postulating that the speed of light is a constant against which even time and space lose their absolute meaning. The limitation of the Albert Einstein Edition to 3000 pieces represents roughly one hundredth of the value so essential to Einstein‘s vision of the universe: the speed of light (299,792.458 km/s).

The formula that changed the world

Surprisingly, one of the most famous formulas of all time, E=mc2, was published almost as an afterthought – an appendix to the special theory of relativity released a number of months previously. E=mc2, describing the equivalence of matter and energy,  remains a milestone in modern physics, especially nuclear science, explaining in beautiful simplicity one of the fundamental principles of the universe. Symbolising the wealth of knowledge Einstein left to mankind, E=mc2 is decoratively engraved along with other important formulas on the Limited Edition 3000.

The Montblanc Albert Einstein Limited Edition 3000

The platinum-plated body of the Albert Einstein Limited Edition 3000 shines with the soft light of a distant star while the dark blue lacquer of the cap brings to mind the velvety darkness of the endless universe.

The grid on the cap is inspired by Einstein’s general theory of relativity, curving around the platinum-plated sphere on the clip just as the light coming from a distant object in space would be curved by a star or galaxy in the foreground in what is today known as a gravitational lens.

The body and cone are engraved with Einstein’s most important formulas and the handcrafted rhodium-plated 18 K gold nib features an engraving of the element named after him: einsteinium.

The Albert Einstein Limited Edition is limited to 3000 fountain pens and 3000 convenient modes (1500 rollerballs and 1500 ballpoint pens).

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