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Why You Need a Contactless Card Protector

Why do you need a contactless card protector?

Contactless cards are now wildly popular and used in over 58% of payments. The contactless cards can be used for purchases under £100 and do not require automatic authorisation from banks. However, it’s easy for thieves to steal card details using widely available Point of Sale (POS) devices without actually removing the card from its owner. This tends to happen in busy areas, especially on the London Underground. All the thieves have to do is key in a price less than £100 on the POS device and then touch the device on the pocket that contains the victim’s wallet/card and the payment goes through. This is why we recommend a contactless card protector as the repercussions can be quite stressful for victims.

Until people check their bank statements they may not notice these small transactions at first, however, the thieves will continue to use the card at will until stopped. It’s then up to the victim to report the theft and try and claim a refund. A member of our team at The Pen Shop head office sadly had their card details stolen this way and a significant amount of money was taken from their account. Fortunately, they did eventually receive the money back but it involved a great deal of hassle and stress.

The Importance of a Wallet to Protect Contactless Cards

This has raised serious issues about card protection but a number of brands including our own Pen Shop brand Secrid have already taken steps to try and combat this problem. Our Secrid RFID blockers serve as contactless card protection wallets, shielding your money and cards from electromagnetic radiation, illegal RFID-scanning and other outside influences.

contactless card protector

The Cardprotector is the core of the Secrid product line. The aluminium Cardprotector protects your six most important cards, both against bending and breaking and against your RFID cards being scanned if you don’t want them to be (such as the transportation pass, ID card, the latest credit cards and business cards). We have a range of contactless card protectors to choose from

What does RFID Blocker technology do?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that can be embedded into a range of items including bank cards and passports to allow the wireless transmission of information (such as contactless pay points).

Information can be extracted from RFID equipped items without your knowledge with hand-held devices (known as skimmers).

contactless card protector

RFID blocker technology impairs the extraction of data from any RFID item enclosed within the product. Protection is provided by a special material enclosed within the leather and does not effect the normal use of RFID item.

With the growing popularity of contactless cards then crime against them will also continue to rise. To combat this we would advise people to invest in wallets with RFID blocker technology to make sure their cards are safe.

Here are three of our favourite card protector wallets:

Secrid Original Brown Miniwallet

This contactless card protection wallet shields your 6 most important cards from RFID scanning and has a unique leather finish.

contactless card protector

Secrid Veg Caramello Miniwallet

An instant classic, the Secrid Veg Caramello Brown Miniwallet gives RFID card protection in a handy size.

Secrid Stitch Magnolia Petrolio Miniwallet

This contemporary take on a best-selling card protection wallet from Secrid is both stylish and functional with its beautiful Stitch Magnolia Petrolio design.

contactless card protector

View our complete collection of contactless card protector wallets online >


  1. Edward Pajak

    Fabulous product, purchased my first one approx one yeas ago. Since have given several as gifts, which have all been greatfully received. Intend to buy another for myself. Thanks to the girls and service at Pen Shop, Edinburgh.

  2. I’ve shopped all over for secrid wallets and the Pen Shop is the best value by far.

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