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What is the Best Pen for Exams?

Exam season is stressful and overwhelming. You’ve spent weeks, or even months, revising for your tests, sacrificing nights out and getting little sleep. The final hurdle is simply to take the exam, and you certainly don’t want to fall at the last obstacle. Trusting your exam pen is vital for a successful exam period. When discussing which pens are best for exams you need to consider the colour, functionality and comfort – you don’t want a mid-exam cramp! We’ve rounded up the 11 best pens for exams for you to choose from, so you can rest assured that ink blobs won’t ruin your handwriting.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Pen for Exams

There are multiple things to ponder when choosing an exam pen, so you want to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases. The most important things to consider when finding your best exam writing pens are:

  • Ergonomics

How does the pen feel in your hand? If you are writing for over 1 hour, will your hand get cramp? Choosing an exam pen that suits your writing style is imperative for comfort.

  • Reliability

You want to trust that your pen won’t break mid-exam or spill ink blotches all over your paper.

  • Refills

If you are sitting multiple exams in a short period, your pen might run out. Don’t worry – this is normal, but consider how easy it is to refill the ink mid-exam. Fumbling around should be the least of your worries!

Coloured Exam Pens

You might be tempted to choose a coloured exam pen to brighten up your work and colour code your answers; however, be sure to read the rules and regulations of your exam board first.

Black ink will likely be mandatory, so you don’t want to rock up with your favourite blue pen. If you insist on using coloured pens for note-taking, annotate your paper with your coloured pen, then use your trusty black exam pen for your official answers.

If you’re allowed, why not take in a notebook so you can scribble your thoughts in coloured ink, away from your official exam paper. After all, the best exam writing pen is the one that the examiners accept!

Which Pens are Best for Exams?

1.Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen

One of the best exam writing pens is the Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen. The Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen is a popular choice amongst young people. Its recessed grip for extra comfort and ergonomic design is excellent for exam season, whereby you may be writing for hours. In addition, its shaped grip section offers stress free writing, and its easy M16 refill system allows for quick ink changes that won’t disrupt your exam.

2. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

If ballpoint isn’t your style, and you prefer a more flowing pen to show off your excellent handwriting, the Lamy Safari Fountain pen is the best exam pen for you. They are used throughout schools worldwide, as the steel nib is lightweight but surprisingly strong. This pen also comes with a 2-year warranty so that it will last you a lot longer than just your exam season. For tips on how to care for your fountain pen, read our dedicated blog on the topic.

3. Parker Urban Twist Metro Metallic CT Ballpoint Pen

For an updated take on a classic, the Parker Urban is modern and sleek. This pen is weighted most towards the tip, so you have more precision when holding and writing. This is one of the best writing pens for exams, as the concave curve section fits your fingers well for easier control. Additionally, the Urban takes any Parker-style refill so you won’t have a problem sourcing extra ink.

4. Sheaffer VFM Glossy White Lacquer Rollerball Pen

This pen may not be for those with larger hands as it is designed to fit most mid-size and smaller hands. However, this Sheaffer exam pen is a great writing instrument for everyday use and fits comfortably in the writer’s hand. Its glossy finish and modern look are striking, and the recognisable White Dot symbol shows the Sheaffer branding proudly.

5. Fisher Space Pen Explorer Black Ball

The Fisher Space Pen Explorer is a well-weighted, balanced pen with a comfortable rubber hand grip for extended usage. The space pen behaves as one might use it in space – feel free to write upside down with it if you wish! Fitted with a blank ink refill, this is one of the best exam pens to use this season.

6. Cross Bailey Light Polished Rollerball Pen

The question ‘which pen is the best for exams?’ is often met with a simple resolution: rollerballs. Rollerball pens provide a smooth writing experience, perfect for long writing periods. The Bailey Light is the first of its kind, crafted for excellent performance. The gel ink rollerball flows freely like a fountain pen and includes a lifetime mechanical warranty.

7. Waterman Embleme Deluxe Grey CT Rollerball Pen

This Waterman pen is an excellent choice for those wanting a rollerball that feels slightly more luxurious. With a sophisticated stainless steel cap and palladium plated trim, we’re certain you’ll feel the bee’s knees when sitting your exams. It can be fitted with cartridges and bottled ink for your convenience and uses an oversized stainless steel nib for ultimate glide.

8. Lamy Pico Black Ballpoint Pocket Pen

If you prefer a more discreet pen that can be easily stored in your pocket, the Lamy Pico Black Ballpoint Pocket Pen is the best pen for exams. Forget about needing a pencil case; this handy pen offers everything you need in an incredibly compact way. It has a lacquer finish and is constructed with a special anti-roll technology. In addition, the sophisticated push mechanism makes sure it doesn’t leak in your pocket.

9. Faber-Castell Office Metallic Black Grip Plus Ball Pen

The easiest solution for those on a budget and looking for the best pen for exams has to be the Faber-Castell Office Metallic Black Grip Plus Ball Pen. This excellent exam pen is suitable for carbon copies, cheques, deeds, contracts, exams, and much more from the iconic Grip Range. The triangular soft-grip zone pairs with the triangular shape for pure writing comfort.

10. Caran d’Ache 849 Popline Ball Pen

Exams are usually pretty intense, so why not brighten your mood with a gorgeous coloured pen. The Caran d’Ache 849 Popline Ball Pen comes in various colours, including blue, green, orange, pink and neons. All colours use blue ink, so check your examination requirements first. The colour circle inspires this vibrant packaging. The giant Goliath refill gives it exceptional writing comfort. Purchase now for a lifetime guarantee!

11. Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel GT Rollerball Pen

For a special treat that’s slightly more deluxe, the Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel Rollerball is undeniably stylish. The stainless steel metal and gold plated trim offer a timeless look. The Hemisphere collection focuses on streamlined simplicity, and this simple silhouette is slim and neat, perfect for those who prefer a slender writing instrument. With your purchase comes a Waterman gift box and a rollerball refill, so it would make an excellent pre-exam gift for someone you love.

Whatever your writing preference, we’re certain that The Pen Shop has a writing instrument that’s a perfect exam pen for you. With a guarantee on many of the pens that we stock, our pens are simply not for one exam, but will stay with you for life. Before your exam, we recommend using the pen a few times to get to grips with how its feel. This way you can iron out any flaws or faults and deem whether it is the best exam writing pen for you.

If you need any further help choosing which pens are best for exams, please contact our customer care team who will be happy to help you.

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