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Introducing the Montblanc UNICEF 2017 Collection

Montblanc, in partnership with UNICEF, aims to improve learning conditions for over 5 million children around the world by providing quality learning materials and better teaching.

The Montblanc Unicef Meisterstuck features the first character learnt by children over the world in the 6th most used alphabets. The design pattern is inspired by the Rosetta stone which was carved in 196 B.C and provided the key to the modern understanding on the Egyptian alphabet and culture.

Meisterstuck, The Gift of Writing is an edition based on the most iconic writing instrument of the maison, the one symbolizing most the art of writing. The collection is inspired by the first characters children learn in Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hindi scripts.

For every piece in the “Montblanc for UNICEF Collection” sold from April 1 2017 to March 31 2018, Montblanc will donate 3% of the proceeds to support UNICEF and its literacy projects, with a minimum amount of US$1.5 million being guaranteed by Montblanc.

Each writing instrument is made to measure from materials such as precious resin, sterling silver or ebonite. Gold, platinum, ruthenium or rhodium coatings give each writing instrument a distinctive character, and each piece is accentuated with a UNICEF blue sapphire.

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