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How Much Are Waterman Pens

The Waterman brand was founded in 1883 by Lewis Edson Waterman, and has only grown since then. These pens have withstood the test of time by a clever combination of innovation, design and excellence, and have become a true reference point in the world of writing. If you decide to invest in a Waterman pen then you are also acquiring a piece of history that has been uniquely designed, at a reasonable price.

Starting at the modest price of £289.00, this Carene Black Sea Fountain Pen has a dynamic design teamed with a powerful streamlined silhouette. The Carene pens are inspired by the form of a sailing vessel and are a unique addition to any writing collection.

The more modest Waterman pens start at £60.50, with the Hemisphere 10 Stainless Steel Chrome Trim Ball Pen. This pen has an understated design which is perfect for everyday use in a workplace.

The Hemisphere 10 Deep Black Lacquer Ball Pen is a practical pen that is the perfect fit for a pocket, bag or diary.  At only £79, this ball pen is reasonably priced and fit for everyday use.

Falling in the middle of this price range is the Expert 3 Lacquer Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen. Priced at £148, this Expert model is relatively affordable and adds smart Parisian style to your day.

Watermen is a reasonably priced brand that does not compromise on style or sophistication; their pens are fantastic quality, each with unique and eye catching designs. They have a long, rich history in creating the finest writing instruments and, have become a trusted and reliable brand that a lot of writing enthusiasts will go to.

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