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Handwriting vs Typing

With the onslaught of modern technology, some people believe that traditional writing instruments have had their day. However, the handwriting vs typing debate is far from over. Although typing reigns supreme when it comes to speed and convenience, there are still many reasons why writing is better than typing.

5 Reasons Why Writing is Better Than Typing

1. Improves Memory Recall

Typing is a much speedier process, especially for those who can touch-type. Although this sounds like a win for keyboards in the writing versus typing debate, speed isn’t always such a good thing. Because handwriting is more time-consuming than typing, you have to be more selective and think strategically about what information you jot down. This extra thought process, and the physical act of writing something down, helps to improve memory recall.

handwriting vs typing

2. Enables Conceptual Learning

Another reason as to why writing is better than typing is because handwriting enables conceptual learning to occur. When you handwrite information, you’re forced to put more thought into what’s going on the page. As a result, your brain is more engaged, and you’re more likely to create relations and connections between the different pieces of information. On the other hand, when you type notes, you’re more likely to transcribe what’s being fed to you as opposed to engaging with it effectively.

3. Supports Visual Learning

The support of visual learning is another win for handwriting in the handwriting versus typing debate. For most of us, pen and paper easily give us the ability to create notes that are visual in nature. You have complete freedom, whether that’s incorporating spider diagrams, frames or graphical drawings into your work. Using coloured pens is also a fantastic way to elevate your work. Visual note-taking promotes comprehension and makes information easier to recall, especially if you’re a visual learner. Notebooks with squared paper, like this Montblanc Sketch Book, are perfect for this.

handwriting vs typing

4. Boosts Creativity

If you’re looking to boost your creativity, then handwriting is the way to go. Many people prefer the aesthetic of handwriting, and you can express yourself through your penmanship. You can create notes that are completely unique to you, and you can improve your handwriting skills (or calligraphy) while you’re at it. For a writing utensil that’s perfect for achieving beautiful handwriting, we recommend a fountain pen. If you’re already using a fountain pen and are concerned it’s drying up, have a read of our blog post for advice!

5. Offers Fewer Distractions

When it comes to handwriting vs typing, handwriting offers fewer distractions to contend with. While typing on your computer or phone, it’s harder to ignore e-mail notifications, social media apps and the internet in general. However, when using pen and paper, you can disconnect from distractors and better focus on the task at hand. For a comfortable and reliable pen, a ballpoint pen is ideal.

It’s no surprise that we’re team handwriting in the handwriting vs typing debate! We hope that our list of reasons as to why writing is better than typing has inspired you to pick up a pen and paper! Please have a browse of our stunning writing instruments and beautiful notebooks to discover the perfect set for you.

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