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Handwriting Guide

Happy New Year from us all at The Pen Shop!

While writing out your New Year’s Resolutions why not add on your list to perfect your handwriting? If you do then we have a few handy tips to share in the guide below from our team of experts.

1. If your writing is hard to read try slowing down a little. When you are writing bear in mind the person who will be reading your handwriting and focus on writing clearly rather than automatically.

2. Practise exerting just enough pressure on your pen – neither too hard nor too light. Keep your pressure balanced and let your pen flow smoothly.

3. Be sure to hold the pen between the thumb and index finger with the barrel resting on the middle finger. Do not hold the pen almost evenly between the thumb and the index and middle fingers as that will give you uneven control as well as stressing the underside muscles of your wrist.

4. Try to keep your arm’s bend at a 90 degree angle while writing and make sure it is not resting on the table. Posture is important so don’t lean down too much while writing and try to keep your wrist straight and hovering as you write.

5. Experiment with size and slant to find a writing style that feels comfortable and looks good.

6. Practice with different pen and pencil sizes to find the best grip.

7. Keep your spaces consistent while writing.

8. Take every opportunity to write longhand instead of on a keyboard.

If you follow these tips and practice your handwriting for a few minutes each day you should quickly start to see some improvement.

Happy Writing!

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