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Designing a Pen

Here at The Pen Shop, we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our Kingsley brand. The process of making a pen for our Kingsley brand takes a great deal of time, thought, and patience. Designing a pen collection that combines high-fashion and classic influences is our focus, and we strive for excellence every time.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to make a pen, we’re here to share our process.

How to Make a Pen in 7 Steps

Step 1 – Brainstorm

Before you go ahead with making a pen, you need to brainstorm and decide on your vision for the pen. Who are you designing a pen for? What are you designing a pen for? What type of pen are you designing? Ask yourself these important questions before you jump right in.

When we design a Kingsley pen, we take our time during this brainstorming process. We think carefully about our consumers and how their diverse needs and wants.

Kingsley Telescopic Patterned Ball Pen

Step 2 – Initial Sketches

Next, spend some time sketching out your vision for your pen. The special thing about designing a pen is that you have the freedom to experiment. So, take full advantage of this step and sketch away until you’ve created a pen design that you love.

Step 3 – 3D Models for Proportions

Once you have the vision for your pen, you’ll need to create your image into a 3D model to perfect the proportions. This is an important part of the ‘making a pen’ process because if you get the proportions wrong, you may be left with a beautiful looking pen that doesn’t feel comfortable to write with.

Step 4 – 3D Model to Supplier

When you feel happy with the look and proportions of your 3D model, you’ll need to send the model to the supplier to get a prototype. This means you can see what your design will look like ‘in the flesh’ and see if it lives up to your expectations.

Kingsley Mini Patterned Chrome Ball Pen

Step 5 – Supplier Prototypes

Receiving your physical pen for the first time is one of the most exciting steps in the ‘designing a pen’ process. Even so, it’s common for the first prototype you receive to miss the mark slightly. And that’s ok! When it comes to making a pen for our Kinglsey range, we take the time to tweak our designs ever so slightly. You want your pen to be perfect, so keep editing until you’re happy.

Step 6 – Begin Production

After you receive your final pen prototype that you’re happy with, it’s time to begin production. If you’re producing numerous pens, you’ll need to wait a few weeks until they’re complete. At The Pen Shop, we wait for a few weeks before our ready supply of Kingsley pens is ready for sale.

Step 7 – Final Product

The final step in our ‘how to make a pen’ guide is deciding what to do with your final product. Whether that’s putting your pens up for sale, gifting them, or keeping them for yourself – the choice is yours! We take pride in our beautiful Kingsley pens and are always excited to share our new designs with our customers.

Kingsley Zola 111 White Ball Pen

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into how we go about designing a pen collection that’s comfortable, reliable and stylish. For a high-quality and classic pen of your own, explore our stunning Kingsley collection today.

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