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Cross: Exclusive Sneak Peek of New Collections

Yesterday The Pen Shop was treated to a sneak peek of exciting new Cross products yet to be released. From the new Tech range to an exclusive limited edition gold 23 Karat heavy gold plate Fountain Pen and the launch of the new ‘Year of the Horse’ special editions there are plenty of new products from Cross to be excited about.

Collectors of Cross will be aware of the yearly Chinese Zodiac Series which has previously featured Dragons and Snakes. The latest addition to the series will be the ‘Year of the Horse’ collection which features a beautiful horse design that is deeply etched into several layers of hand-polished lacquer.

This exquisitely hand-crafted pen features either a burning red finish that reflects the desire for success and good fortune, or a beautiful shimmering white finish that reflects the confidence and strength of character that defines everyone born under this auspicious sign. With deep cut engraving and 23 karat gold plated overlays, this animated instrument stampedes across the page illuminating each idea it transfers to paper.

Cross are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of one of their most celebrated writing instrument collections – the Cross Townsend. A new Special Edition collection is to be released featuring a brushed diamond cut pattern that imparts a unique texture to the elegant platinum plated finish. This platinum collection will feature a Ball Pen, Roller Ball and Fountain Pen and come displayed in Special Edition packaging.

The new Cross Tech collections will feature a stylus that is compatible with most capacitive touch screen devices from iPads to Kindle’s. The Tech1 is a stylus only and comes with a handy attachment that will plug into your headphone socket. In comparison the Tech2 is the first 2-in-1 pen and stylus from Cross which has a sharp design and vibrant satin finishes. The Tech 3+ is a multi-tasker as with a simple, smooth twist, switch from black Ball Pen, to red Ball Pen to Pencil, this also features an attachable smart stylus.

We also have some exclusive new Cross Christmas offers on the way, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news.

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