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Are Luxury Pens Worth It?

Are expensive pens worth it?

It’s easy to be cynical about luxury pens and their hefty price tags. Some may think that their only purpose is to look lovely and that a £1 BIC pen does the job just as good. However, when we ask, ‘are luxury pens worth it?’, the answer is much more complex than a simple “yes” or “no”. For some, a luxury pen symbolises the hard work they have achieved during their career, or for others, it represents a graduation they celebrated 20 years ago. A luxury pen can bring about feelings of purpose, authority or nostalgia. For those on the fence about whether expensive pens are worth it, we’re here to tell you why luxury pens hold great long-term value.

Here are 7 reasons why expensive pens are worth the investment:

  1. A sense of authenticity and purpose.

For some, expensive pens are worth it due to their objective luxury. They are signifiers of authority and portray an attitude of knowledge and expertise. Owning a pen that isn’t throw-away and indicates permanence is a special feeling that many people enjoy! One myth about owning a luxury pen is that it’s a self-esteem problem: people turn their attention to luxurious objects to make themselves feel good. We disagree! For a greater sense of purpose and style, luxury pens are worth it.

  1. Save money in the long run.

Ever find yourself constantly popping to the jobs to buy the same £2.50 pen every month? Think about all of that money you are throwing away over a year! A myth we often hear about luxury pens is that they are too expensive. We’re not asking you to spend millions; however, if you’re in the market, check out this article on the most expensive pens ever sold. One major benefit to think about when pondering if luxury pens are worth it is that they can save you money in the long run and therefore they are a great investment. An expensive pen will last you longer under the pressure of more use, and when you have run out of ink, simply buy a low-cost ink refill. Stylish and economical!

  1. May improve handwriting.

Now, don’t expect miracles; you aren’t going to turn into a calligrapher overnight! However, luxury pens offer a more refined writing experience, making your writing process smoother and neater. Different pens suit different writing styles better, so finding your perfect pen will make a huge difference when writing. The balance, weight and girth of expensive pens result in a more rounded writing experience. Matching this with a more comfortable pen grip are elements for a more enjoyable feeling and, therefore, neater handwriting.

  1. A functional luxury gift.

Choosing gifts for loved ones is so difficult. Balloons, flowers or alcohol have no permanence, so you may wish to gift the receiver something more memorable. If you’re wondering ‘are expensive pens are worth it?’ or ‘is a luxury pen special enough?’, we argue yes! Luxury pens make an excellent gift due to their extravagance, elegance, and durability. They represent strength and resilience and so make an excellent graduation or promotion gift. For suggestions for affordable luxury pen options, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most affordable Mont-Blanc pens.

  1. Sentimental family heirlooms.

Due to the durability of luxury pens, they make excellent family heirlooms. If gifted for a special occasion, urge the receiver to keep the gift for years to come so they can pass it down through the family. Who knows – it could increase drastically in value! Additionally, it becomes more of a sentimental and nostalgic gift the entire family will treasure for years to come.

  1. An eco-friendly alternative.

Many people might think that buying a luxury pen is considered irrational; however, we believe it to be a considered and conscientious purchase. For the eco-conscious amongst us, luxury pens are worth it to help reduce your carbon footprint. By replacing your plastic, single-use 50p pens with a sturdier, long-lasting one, you are doing your small bit to protect the environment. The over-production of cheap pens and the short shelf life contributes massively towards landfill waste. To make matters worse, most cheap pens are also non-biodegradable. You’re making small, caring, considered changes towards a bigger issue by investing in a luxury pen.

  1. Jazz up your desk.

A luxury pen is a statement: it shows you are measured, well-thought-out and care about your appearance. To add an extra element of luxury to your desk or workplace, consider adding a luxury pen into your stationary pot. It will impress people in meetings and make signing documents much more enjoyable! Additionally, if you’ve recently celebrated a promotion or a workplace victory, a luxury pen is a great option for commemorating that triumph.

We now hope that when you ask yourself, ‘are expensive pens worth it?’, the answer will be a resounding yes. Luxury pens are worth it; from improving your writing to becoming more eco-conscious, luxury pens are worth it for their durability and elegance. We offer a wide range of pens, and choosing the right one for you can be a difficult task. Our blog post lists the best Mont Blanc pens for everyday use. If you still can’t find your match, contact our customer support team, who would be happy to help you choose your perfect pen.

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