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10 Best Writing Tips

There are many reasons why someone would choose to be a writer; all of them uniquely personal to that individual, but, all of them reason enough to pick up that pen and make a start. Writing is a peaceful endeavour; it’s cathartic and can help to clear your mind. Nevertheless, it’s common to feel unsure about how to begin, and to experience writer’s block. So, we’ve compiled a list of our best writing tips for beginners to help any budding writers make a start in either a new career or a fun hobby.

10 Best Writing Tips

1. Read Everything.

Trust us, we’re not being hyperbolic when we say everything. We mean everything. One of the best writing tips for beginners and one of the best ways to learn how to write is to look at the work of other writer’s, past and present. What kind of work have they published? What sold the best? How do they do it? Read classics, contemporaries, poems, newspapers, magazines, blogs, adverts; read everything. Absorb it.

2. Make A Writing Space.

Have a designated space for your writing, and set a specific time (whatever time works best for you) to work. It will help your creativity flow when you’re in your writing space and will condition your brain to know when it’s time to work.

3. Don’t Get Discouraged.

The third of our best writing tips is not to get discouraged! One of the biggest downfalls of new writers is that they can lose motivation early on and give up. Bad drafts happen, there’s no avoiding them. Learn from them and don’t make the same mistake next time; this is a learning curve the same as everything else – nobody starts as an expert. And, if you need an extra motivational boost, have a read of some inspirational quotes by famous writers.

4. Get Offline.

Disconnecting from the internet can feel like one of the most challenging tips for writers to follow. However, it’s an effective approach to take and will help you to avoid procrastination and be more productive. If you can, write somewhere where there’s no internet connection. Or, unplug your router and put your phone into airplane mode! You’ll be engulfed by your writing in no time.

5. Write Drafts.

One of the very best writing tips is to write drafts! We can’t stress this enough. Write plenty of drafts and get everyone to read them; your aunt, uncle, mother, brother – everyone. After all, they are your audience, and whether you’re writing a haiku or a playscript, there’s nothing more important in the writing world than feedback.

6. Take It Slow.

There’s no pressure to write a bestseller overnight. It can be difficult to pace yourself, but taking it slow is one of our top ten writing tips for beginners for good reason. Masterpieces take time, and you’re not doing anyone favours by rushing your writing. Remember to take it page by page and set small goals to work towards that are achievable and realistic!

7. Believe in Your Writing.

A vital tip for writers, both new and experienced, is to believe in your writing. You may experience setbacks along the way, but that’s normal and happens to the most celebrated authors. Be confident in your writing ability, remember your worth and know that your work is good.

8. Be Dedicated.

You can’t expect to get anywhere and improve your writing if you don’t really commit yourself to your craft. Prioritise your writing, because it’s important. Take the time to create a dedicated and realistic writing schedule, and stick to it.

9. Write Everything.

Just like the first of our best writing tips, it’s vital that you write down every flicker of an idea, every interesting thought and every chaotic brainstorm. If you have a feeling, write it down. If you see something interesting, write it down. Not only does this help improve your writing ability, but it’s also a really good way to deal with writer’s block. Keep a dedicated journal and pen on you at all times, and leave it next to your bed at night. After all, your dreams often provide you with the best ideas.

10. Put Pen To Paper.

The final of our writing tips for beginners is to put pen to paper. There’s nothing wrong with typing on a laptop; indeed, it makes everything that little bit easier. However, there is also something to be said about the old fashioned way. Especially good for the brainstorm stages, invest in a journal that captures your personality and a top-quality, reliable writing tool to bring your ideas to life. There are some brilliant budget-friendly pens that provide a great starting point for any budding writer.

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We hope that this round-up of the best writing tips helps you with your writing journey. Starting out on your writer’s career can be the scariest thing that you do and, there really is no set way to become a published writer; everyone is different. However, investing in a transportable notepad or journal, a comfortable pen and having a pure love for writing; we can guarantee you, it’ll be the most rewarding journey of your life.

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