Help and FAQs

We want you to be delighted with your shopping experience with us. We strive to provide you with the best possible online shopping and delivery service for luxury pens and gifts. On this page, we’ve provided what we hope is some helpful information relating to shopping with us as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact our customer services team here or by phone on 0191 487 0033.


  1. Why can’t this item be engraved/embossed?

Not every pen or pen box can currently be engraved on our website. If a product is available for engraving you can select the option on the product page then during the checkout process you enter the engraving you want on the pen or the box. We do not offer the ability to have both the pens and the box engraved; we only offer a box engraving when the pens themselves can’t be engraved.

  1. Why can’t my item be gift wrapped?

At The Pen Shop we are pleased to offer a free gift-wrapping service for our products over £75 with our own stylish bespoke wrapping paper. Gift wrap messages are beautifully handwritten. Please note not all items can be gift wrapped, items under £75 and Online Only items are not available for gift wrap.

  1. What is laser engraving?

With laser engraving this involves using a high-powered laser to remove the top layer of the box to expose the materials underneath. The colour of the engraving itself is of the material the box is made with; we don't have control over what colour that will be.

  1. Do you buy vintage pens?

We do not buy pre-owned pens. We deal with all brands directly and only sell new pens with new guarantees to customers and don’t know anyone who would deal with second hand pens. We are sorry we can’t be of help with this matter.

  1. Can I use my Platinum Card in every store?

Currently customers are able to use Platinum Cards at all our Standalone stores, as well as our website. Please note that this excludes our concessions.

  1. Do I have to pay VAT for orders sent to a BFPO address?

If you are at a base in the European Commission you still have to pay VAT, if you are outside of the however EC then you would be eligible for ex-VAT on orders.

More information can be found here:

  1. Vat within the EU

Business customers purchasing from outside of the EU would have to claim the VAT back yourself through the government we are not set up to do this online. Once you place an order you will be able to print off a VAT invoice and use this to reclaim the VAT.

  1. VAT outside of the EU

The VAT will automatically come off your order once you enter your shipping address as outside the EU. Our International Delivery charges are based on the value of your order and all International orders are sent with Royal Mail International Delivery signed for services with insurance added.

  1. Why can’t I order bottled ink to be shipped outside the UK

Unfortunately we can't send liquid goods, including bottles of ink, outside of the UK. This is due to courier restrictions on liquid items leading to these being greatly delayed or returned when attempting to be sent outside of the UK.

  1. What refill does my pen need?

Do you know what brand your pen is from? If so then please check our refills section to see if your brand is listed. If your brand isn’t listed we may not have compatible refills for your pen. Each pen brand tends to have unique refills for their pens. If you are unsure on your brand of pen you can either send us a picture of your refill or you can try taking the pen into one of our stores.

  1. How can I get my Pen repaired

At The Pen Shop we appreciate just how much you rely on your favourite pen. Our repair service is there to keep your pen in tip-top condition.

We operate a repair service in all our shops for most types of writing instrument from our featured pen brands. Repairs are either done where possible in the store or sent to our manufacturers for further repairs and servicing.

Alternatively - contact us using the form on our website for more information.


  1. Do you repair vintage pens?

If your writing instrument is from a brand not listed on our website we may not be able to organise a repair for this item. Pens over 15 years old may be classed as a 'Vintage' pen, these writing instruments will have to be sent to a specialist vintage pen repairer.

  1. Can I use In-Store Gift Vouchers Online

We unfortunately cannot accept in-store gift vouchers on our website they are for in-store use only, this is due to the individual codes on the vouchers and we don’t sell the vouchers online for this issue.

  1. Do you offer a valuation service?

We do not offer a valuation service for any pens.

  1. Can I return my online order to a store for an exchange or refund?

Online orders cannot be returned to one of our stores they must be returned to our warehouse after contacting us to arrange a return. Please note that unless faulty, personalised items can't be returned.