Troika Construction Tool Black Bulli Profil Set

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The multitasking construction ballpoint pen in black with a classic Volkswagen Campervan imprint with a nostalgic Bulli pencil case. The drawing of the legendary VW minibus is made as a high contrast engraving. In the pencil case is the multitasking pen, almost a classic already, in black, with Volkswagen retro lettering. The pen has a tyre tread depth gauge with centimetre/inch ruler, spirit level, Phillips screwdriver and stylus. Car romantics and stubborn analogue writers will love this set. A special gift for car fans or VW lovers.

  • Set of a multitasking ballpoint pen (black) and case (VW Bulli)
  • Tire depth gauge
  • Centimetre/inch ruler and spirit level
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Stylus and a brass/cast metal/rubber
  • Dimensions: 185x65x25 mm, 88 g
  • Writing length: 1,600 to 1,800 m
  • Black Ball Pen with a black refill