Montblanc Friedrich II Limited Edition White Gold Fountain Pen

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Just as extraordinary as this Prussian king is the Patron of Art Edition Friedrich II the Great made in his honour. The gold-platted barrel of Edition 4810 is decorated by two rings embellished with a pattern of curves. These, like the elegant clip, are also gold-plated. Edition 888 is decorated with rings of 950 platinum, and its barrel and cap are made of 750 white gold. A feature shared by the two editions is the 18-carat gold nib, which carries an engraving of the royal monogram of "Fredericus Rex" An ingenious mechanism enables the pen to be screwed back into the barrel to protect it.

The barrel of the Limited Edition Friedrich II the Great features two finely crafted bands with a pattern of interlinking arches. The 18-carat gold nib bears the engraved signet Fredericus Rex as a tribute to the monarch from whom the pen takes its name.