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Founded in 1846 Cross lays strong claim to a leading role in defining, expanding and reinvigorating the way we look at writing instruments. Cross are regarded as America’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments and the pioneer of the Cross mechanical pencil. While it has developed an increased focus on fashionable colours and stylish designs, fine craftsmanship coupled with pioneering design have long been the well-established hallmarks of the Cross brand.

These principles have seen Cross transformed from a small family owned company to the style-driven global pen and accessory brand it is today. The timeless appeal of its heritage, combined with contemporary design, detailing and finishes ensure that it is as attractive to the young as the old, to the style conscious and the traditional alike. In more recent times Cross has added a broad range of beautiful personal leather accessories to its renowned generations of pens. All Cross pens have a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Cross has been an official supplier of pens to the White House since at least the 1970s. The Cross ballpoint pen used to sign the legislation are often given out as souvenirs who attend the bill signings. While an official Cross-White House program was begun under President Bill Clinton, it is known that the tradition goes back to at least the administration of Gerald Ford.