The history of Campo Marzio goes on where all began: on the ‘Via di Campo Marzio’ in the historical downtown of Rome, the heart of shopping, fashion and design in the “Eternal City”. Thanks to almost a century of artisan tradition, to the stunning world-wide acknowledgement and most than all to its loyal followers in every country – Campo Marzio is nowadays leading brand, offering an effective combination of craft and design, tradition and innovation, design and style. In applying fashion to writing instruments and to everything else that revolves around them, Campo Marzio has uniquely turned common stationery products into fashion accessories ideal both for the business and spare time.

Born in the 1930's as a workshop specializing in the production of fountain pens and writing instruments, Campo Marzio has over time expanded its production line to office, leather and travel accessories and today the company is renowned all over the world for having turned common stationery items into fashion accessories characterized by vibrant colours and modern design.