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See the latest updates to writing technology!

The latest trends in writing technology

With the onslaught of modern technology some people believe that traditional writing instruments have had their day, however, pen brands are tackling this issue by incorporating new technology to create a new type of pen.

While we still have our dedicated Fountain Pen writers and fanatics (such as ourselves) the age of technology is upon us and the pen industry is embracing it.

Here are the latest pen advancements from Cross, Montblanc, Parker + More!

Cross Peerless TrackR

The perfect pen for those of you who have always wanted an expensive pen but worried you would lose it. Within it is a tracking device that lets you keep tab on your pen’s whereabouts through a suite of tracking features.

With a luxury pen and separate pencil case there is a TrackR for everyone!

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Montblanc Augmented Paper

Montblanc takes the traditional art of handwriting into the digital world. It allows you to write on traditional paper yet access your handwritten notes via your mobile device as well.

Giving you individual expression augmented by the advantages of digital tools.

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Parker Ingenuity 

Ingenuity uses breakthrough innovation to intuitively adapt to each user’s handwriting style. While looking like a fountain pen it uses a fibre-tip with fast drying ink preventing hand smudging while writing – perfect for left-handed writers.

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Stylus Pens

Some of our best selling products are stylus pens which blend together good old fashioned ink and new technology.

These pens allow perfectly accurate stylus use with smart phones, tablets and most touch-screen devices and then writing on traditional paper.

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