#PenShopPoem – Amazing result

During National Stationery Week 2015 we asked our Twitter followers to help us write a poem by coming up with a next line each day. Expectations were high, but undoubtedly exceeded; we never knew that the resulting poem would be so good! It was especially nice that so many of the entries were handwritten.



Talking is for now, writing is forever.
A word is a vow to a printed endeavour.
An inky embodiment drawn to a page,
That entices your mind, to think and engage.
Put emotions to thoughts and thoughts to words,
Mightier than any sword, to get yourself heard.
Simple words with great meaning,
Where life starts and life ends.
On a page, words say “I love you”,
All from the ink of a pen

Thanks to everybody who joined in on the fun. Even if your line of poetry didn’t make the final poem you can be sure that it was appreciated and inspiring!

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