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Our 8 Most Affordable Pens

Whether you’re looking to start your writing career or thinking about starting a pen collection, we know that spending hundreds of thousands on your first pen is not ideal. Buying your first pen is a big commitment, so we know that the more reasonable the price, the better. Allowing time to get used to a good quality writing instrument is important and, then moving on to dearer ones. We compiled a list of our 8 most affordable pens, to help get you started in your writing journey.

Lamy Tipo Pink Rollerball

This smooth rollerball is available in eye catching pink at only £5.75. Fitter with a blue ink refill, this pen has a striking clip which retracts when pressed to extend the rollerball tip. Please note, this pen does not come in a gift box.

Dex By Kingsley Pink Compact Clear Ink Liner

This clear ink liner pen comes with a contoured and soft touch grip, to encourage correct grip for handwriting. Available in a soft pink colour at only £8.00.

Sheaffer 100 Blue/Chrome Ball Pen

A twist action ball pen available in blue, red or white. This pen comes in an elegant gift box and is only £20.

Diplomat Traveller Black Lacquer Rollerball

With excellent writing control, elegant design and comfortable grip, this rollerball pen is available in stainless steel or black. This pen is only £20 and provides a well balanced feel.

Sheaffer Ion Red Pocket Pen In Gift Box

This stylish little pocket pen is available in bright red at only £15. With a stylish cut out clip and being comfortably shaped this pen is more than worth it’s price.

Dex By Kingsley Bright Pink Smooth Soft Fountain Pen

Available at only £12, this fountain pen encourages smoother and more confident handwriting. It has a smooth design and comes in a wide choice of colours.

Lamy Lx Gold Rollerball

This rollerball comes in a selection of elegant colours, with its stylish and modern design, this is available at only £30.

Lamy Safari Petrol Rollerball

Perfect for everyday use, the Lamy rollerball has a sturdy design with a shaped grip for some stress free writing. It is lightweight but strong and, is available at only £12.90.

These pens are affordable and elegant in style. They make the perfect companion for a writing enthusiast and, we are confident that our clients will be able to find the perfect fit.

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