How To….

Thank you for looking at our latest feature – How To. This guide is designed to help with the most common questions and queries you ask our people in store.

Today our Store Operations Manager – David Titterington is going to demonstrate how to properly use a converter for a Fountain Pen. He’s using a Waterman Expert Fountain Pen with a Waterman standard screw convertor and a bottle of Lamy 50 ml blue ink.

Here’s David’s instruction on how best to use your converter;

Converters are like a piston. They push in or screw into position, place the nib of the Fountain Pen into the ink, draw the piston back fully and then empty the ink chamber. Repeat filling operation for a complete fill of the convertor. Let 2/3 drops of ink back into the bottle to create an air space.

A word of caution, over full convertors will leak if the ink is warmed by body heat.

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