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Fountain Pen Day + Findings from our Recent Survey

As you will have seen recently, The Pen Shop conducted a Customer Survey, emailed out to our Pen Shop clientele. We wanted to find out more about you, our customer, to understand your writing habits and the future of this age-old tradition. We have had a fantastic number of completed surveys back from our loyal customers, you have shared with us lots of insights into your pen journeys and the part that writing instruments play in your lives.

So as we are celebrating Fountain Pen Day today (with 10% off when you use TENOFF), we thought it would be an appropriate time to share a sneak peak into our findings. Fountain Pen Day occurs on the first Friday in November around the world, and was originally begun as a day to celebrate and promote the Fountain Pen as a popular modern day writing instrument.

Anyone thinking that pens are on their way out in this digital age we are living in, will be pleasantly surprised to see that the fountain pen in particular remains a popular writing instrument.

A huge 60% of The Pen Shop customers buy fountain pens from us, above any other writing instrument. We were very happy to find that The Pen Shop customer spends a lot of their time writing on a daily basis, this is one practice that is not going out of style – 63% write letters & notes, 59% write signatures and 45% write in journals & diaries. Fountain pens of course require ink, so we were interested to find out the buying habits of ink and found that 51% of The Pen Shop customers expect to purchase about the same amount of ink in the future with 26% expecting to purchase even more ink.

What are your thoughts on the future of writing and the instruments used to write? Tweet us or comment, we’d love to hear!

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