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Pre-order: Cross Year of the Snake 2013

We are thrilled to announce the latest Cross Special Edition pen will be the Year of the Snake 2013 which shall initially be exclusive to The Pen Shop. These Special Edition pens will be available from the 8th October, pre-order now through our Website Here.

Next in the sequence of the 12 year Chinese Zodiac calendar is the Year of the Snake. Symbolising great wisdom and intuition, the Year of the Snake Pen is the perfect tool to expand your creativity, inspire innovative thinking and turn smart concepts into bigger ideas. This Special Edition pen has a deeply etched snake design with rhodium plated detailing and appointments.

The sixth out of the twelve signs of the Chinese Horoscope the snake symbolises ambition, beauty and wisdom. In certain parts of China people call the snake “dragon in heaven” or “celestial being”. According to some legends a snake entering a person’s home means that person will live in good fortune or be protected from harm and disease.

For more than 166 years Cross has re-invented writing instruments, combining design ingenuity with jewellery-quality craftsmanship. Cross’s commitment to its customers extends to its lifetime mechanical guarantee (warranty) on all writing instruments.

Product Details
• Translucent blue lacquer with rhodium plated detailing
• Rich high gloss black lacquer with rhodium plated detailing
• Rhodium plated solid gold 18ct Fountain Pen nib – medium and fine
• Apogee nib featuring unique snake engraving pattern
• Special presentation box with romance piece/removable display piece

There will be six pens available as part of this special edition including a Fountain Pen, Roller Ball and a Ball Point pen in both the blue and black lacquer.

Fountain Pen: £330
Roller Ball: £280
Ball Point: £230

These Special Edition pens will be available exclusively with The Pen Shop from 8th October. Pre-order now to guarantee your purchase as we only have a limited number of pens available.

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