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10 Fantastic Fountain Pens

Hand writing is maybe less wide-spread than in the past, but it is still a beautiful art form that many like to maintain. We will probably choose the highest spec on laptops and smartphones without a second thought, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t do the same with our fountain pens. Choose from any of the high-quality pens at the Pen Shop and make sure that the skill of handwriting lives on.

Our Best Selling Foutain Pens

Here are the top ten best sellers currently available at the Pen Shop:

1. The Lamy Al-star proved very popular when we introduced it in Pacific Blue. Now, the Vibrant Pink pen is just as favoured with our customers. This top-quality pen is made from robust yet feather-light aluminium and has an ergonomic transparent grip. A very modern-looking pen with a metal clip and delivered to you in an attractive gift box.

2. For an elegant fountain pen, the Lamy LX is a superb choice. Its ergonomic grip assists in efficient writing and its aluminium casing is lightweight and a joy to use. You’ll find the sophisticated finish impressive, and its stylish features such as metal clip, very useful.

3. Go for gold with our popular Lamy LX gold fountain pen. Sure to stand out on any desk, your handwriting will also make an impact. It’s a great pen to write with due to its lightweight aluminium casing and ergonomic plastic grip. The glossy black steel nib complements the pen and lends it a modern touch.

4. The Lamy LX Palladium is a fine-looking fountain pen. Offering a very stylish look with anodised finish on its aluminium casing, you’ll soon get to grips with its ergonomic hold. A truly beautiful pen, featuring medium glossy black steel nib and a certain special something, this pen will arrive in its own gift box.

5. Young writers may prefer a very modern look and the Dex by Kingsley certain lives up to expectations for a comfortable grip and 21st century style. This clear, compact fountain pen is available in arrange of colours and features a soft-touch contoured grip. Make your handwriting stand out with confidence by choosing Dex by Kingsley.

6. The Cross Townsend Medalist fountain pen comes into a league of its own at the Pen Shop. Its shiny chrome body and cap is completed with a 23-carat gold-plated trim and clip. It’s no wonder that this pen is favoured by a number of US presidents! A truly luxurious pen, and a timeless classic style, this pen will lead the way in the most important of meetings. Its 23-carat gold-plated nib will make sure business is completed with a stylish flourish.

7. Taking fountain pens into the next generation pick up a Kingsley Dex smooth fountain pen. It comes in a wide range of bright colours fit for any modern writer. Its iridium nib delivers a confident script.

8. With a lifetime mechanical guarantee, the Cross ATX brushed black fountain pen means business. A very sleek and sophisticated pen with a sharp diamond pattern engraved on the black steel casing and pen, it has polished black highlights.

9. Make an impact with the Lamy Al Star broad nib fountain pen. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use with the choice of ink cartridges or with bottled ink. The aluminium pen features metallic highlights and comes in a fashionable dark purple.

10. The Lamy Safari Umbra fountain pen is a firm favourite at the Pen Shop. Manufactured in hard-wearing ABS plastic, it features a shiny chrome clip and polished steel nib.

With so many fountain pens to choose from, there’s sure to be a style to suit you at The Pen Shop.

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